Ebanisteria Kora is a Company formed by cabinet-makers, based in Cantù (CO). It was founded thanks to the creativity and skill of the founder Andrea Corbetta, who over fifty years ago learned and cultivated the trade of cabinet-maker. The Company’s passion for this art has been passed down to his sons, Giambattista and Walter. This second generation has continued to build on this valuable experience since 2003.

Today, the heart of Ebanisteria Kora beats to the rythm of experimentation and innovation, its main purpose being to introduce the warmth, care and loving precision of the most accomplished craftsmanship into modern spaces; building a bridge between the art of cabinet-making and design.


Ebanisteria Kora constantly collaborates with designers and architects to create furniture for homes, prestigious locations, hotels, professional offices and restaurants, as well as a wide range of residential sites. The value of identity is vital, which is why the customer is offered a personalised service, which matches expectations and needs with the best possible solutions through a range of complete services: from the design of made-to-measure furnishings to their assembly and installation.

Ebanisteria Kora responds to today's requirements for new spaces, and faces contemporary challenges with an innovative and visionary spirit that is loyal to its origins. Faced with the demand for functionality, versatility and contemporary environments, the Company is committed to formally refining detail using a combination of skills, inspiration and technology.



Access to technological resources, make it possible for us to offer products that comply with the parameters of CE safety certification and meticulous procedures. We will respond to complex, customised and non-standardised requirements, without ever giving up on a reliable result.



Collaboration with numerous architecture and design companies has increased our experience in various sectors, which is why we always look forward to new design challenges. It’s almost impossible to produce a list of completed projects since we are talking about more than fifty years of commitment, passion and respect for the results achieved and for the clients who trusted us enough to commission them.



Ebanisteria Kora’s credibility is not only the result of years of experience, but above all due to an important human component. Today, our work is blessed by the gratitude of past customers and the trust of future customers, who believe in the valuable work of the craftsmen and all those who contribute to reaching a common goal: EBANISTERIA KORA ADAPTS SPACES TO MEET YOUR NEEDS