The past that merges with the present...

Ebanisteria Kora is a company of cabinetmakers from Cantù (CO). Originating from the inventiveness and skill of the forefather Andrea Corbetta, who, over fifty years ago, learned and cultivated the craft of cabinetmaking, the company has become a symbol of the transmission of the passion for this art to his sons Giambattista and Walter.



Access to technological resources, make it possible for us to offer products that comply with the parameters of CE safety certification and meticulous procedures. We will respond to complex, customised and non-standardised requirements...

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Collaboration with numerous architecture and design companies has increased our experience in various sectors, which is why we always look forward to new design challenges. It’s almost impossible to produce a list of completed...

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Ebanisteria Kora’s credibility is not only the result of years of experience, but above all due to an important human component. Today, our work is blessed by the gratitude of past customers and the trust of future customers...

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We adapt spaces to meet your needs

Ebanisteria Kora’s mission is to continue growing. That's why it prioritises research for new materials, technologies and solutions in the world of wood design, keeping a close eye on what could be truly innovative. As a witness to the transformation of Italian lifestyle, it has been translating necessity into innovation from the Sixties up to the present day.